I write to inspire, to educate, to connect, to feel seen. Bibliophile. Feminist. UNC-CH Grad. Mom to a kid with ASD & ADHD https://linktr.ee/sarahmcinnes

An introspective introvert talks about anxiety, beaches, parenting, neurodiversity, and her love of books and writing

Author smiling. White woman in her 40s with long dark hair.
Photo belongs to author, Sarah McInnes

Hello, I’m Sarah! I’d like to tell you about myself in the hopes of finding community and connecting with others. But it’s harder than it seems. I’ve made so many false starts in writing this.

“I contain multitudes.”

— Walt Whitman

Writing a story “About Me” becomes as much a…

Can we forge connections using shared dreams?

woman asleep, her bed drifting in the sky surrounded by puffy, white clouds
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

I think it’s fascinating that people from all walks of life experience the same dreams. How wild is that? There’s something elemental about the human psyche and the human experience that leads our subconscious to visualize the same dreams.

It almost gives me hope that humanity is not as divided…

It’s an unfair misconception that autistic kids don’t feel empathy

small boy holding a red, paper heart, standing in front of a white brick wall
Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Cinematography and Oxytocin

Do you cry at movies? I do. All the time. Books, too. It doesn’t even matter if I’m in public. I let the tears fall.

There’s some evidence that people who cry at movies and books are more empathetic. Paul Zak, the neuroscientist who coined the phrase “moral molecule,” showed…

Marketing experts say an ideal reader profile is necessary for authors, but I’m not convinced

woman, with an open book covering her face, lying on tree trunk that leans out over a reflective lake
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I watched an old episode of New Girl recently where Nick, an author of a detective novel, told Jess that he envisioned his readers as “blue-collar, nautical workers on the coastline of Maine.”

He was comically way off. Turns out his book was beloved by a female YA audience. How…

How a childhood fear became symbolic of a creative life twenty years later

church under a starry sky
photo by Sergio Souza from Pexels

I was afraid of a lot of things as a kid: drowning, raccoons, kidnappers, and, once a year, a bell named Michael.

I lived for a while at a theological seminary. Outside our Gothic Revival chapel stood a structure that housed a hundred-year-old bell known as “Michael the Bell.” …

Sarah McInnes

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